• 1cars_02

    Rusty vintage truck, I love the deep oranges and pinks in the paint contrasted by the teal hubcap.

  • 1cars_01

    An american classic--vintage Cadillac rims in an antique tone.

  • 1cars_06

    This is the wheel of a 50's truck abandoned on a farm just outside of Holbrook, Arizona.

  • 1cars_12

    Baby blue vintage car

  • 1cars_11

    Rusted out antique car, available in all sizes

  • 1cars_09

    Rusty gears

  • 1cars_07

    Front view of an antique pink truck

  • 1cars_05

    Side view of a 1930's fire truck fromk Chloride, Arizona

  • 1cars_03

    Black and white of chrome car rims

  • 1cars_10

    Abandoned vintage truck on a farm outside of Holbrook Arizona

  • 1cars_13

    Broken window on a vintage rusted car

  • 1cars_08

    An abandoned orange truck just outside of Taos, New Mexico

  • 1cars_04

    Two old car tires

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