• 1houseschurches_08

    Simple church in Amboy, California in a sepia tone

  • 1houseschurches_04

    Falling down shack a few miles outside of historic Oatman, Arizona

  • 1houseschurches_07

    The Unfinished Church in Bermuda

  • 1houseschurches_01

    Curlique trim on a bright building in Turks and Caicos Islands--Provo

  • 1houseschurches_14

    The Roswell Transport Security Building abstract photo

  • 1houseschurches_12

    A crisp barn off the side of the road on Historic Route 66 from the road trip of 2007

  • 1houseschurches_05

    Beauty Salon in Negril, Jamaica

  • 1houseschurches_13

    The Trading Company building in Roswell New Mexico abstract photo

  • 1houseschurches_15

    Gingerbread house in the town of Madrid, New Mexico

  • 1houseschurches_03

    Close shot of an abandoned shack outside of Historic Oatman, Arizona

  • 1houseschurches_09

    Arizona Central Bank building in Chloride, Arizona

  • 1houseschurches_06

    A beautiful old church in Bermuda in sharp, contrasty black and white

  • 1houseschurches_11

    An old home in Chloride, Arizona

  • 1houseschurches_10

    Chloride, Arizona

  • 1houseschurches_02

    The market in downtown Provo, in Turks & Caicos

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