• 1misc_16

    Fleur de Lis gate in Bermuda

  • 1misc_18

    A vintage orange recliner chair in Chloride, Arizona

  • 1misc_20

    A purple picket fence fronting a yellow and turquoise home in Taos, New Mexico

  • 1misc_15
  • 1misc_03

    The sign says it clearly enough!

  • 1misc_10

    Burros taking over a town and showing their rebellios sides in Oatman, Arizona

  • 1misc_21

    A roadside shack in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

  • 1misc_08

    Shopping carts outside a supermarker in Turks and Caicos

  • 1misc_01

    Thank you for not parking here

  • 1misc_17

    Out with the old stove, in with the new

  • 1misc_12

    Horseshoe and color blocks abstract

  • 1misc_04

    Green and black sun in Isla Mujeres Mexico

  • 1misc_02

    Rusty mastercard sign

  • 1misc_11

    Rusted out pots and pans in Hackberry, Arizona

  • 1misc_09

    Burro attack, Oatman, Arizona

  • 1misc_19

    Turquoise chair against a yellow textured wall

  • 1misc_05

    Made in the USA assorted rusty parts

  • 1misc_13

    Side of a home made out of logs in the fishing village in Negril, Jamaica

  • 1misc_22

    Antique gates in Madrid, New Mexico

  • 1misc_07

    Wheels and rust of an old safe in Oatman, Arizona

  • 1misc_06

    A ring of horseshoes in Hackberry, Arizona

  • 1misc_14

    Old unused grave markers in grainy black and white in Bermuda